Focus on Community: Employment Workshop

Saturday, June 23, 2012 at 9:00amResources-2009

The purpose of this workshop is to assist anyone who desires to be more successful in their employment endeavors. If you are unemployed, looking for other employment, intend to apply for a job in the future (even if you are currently employed), have been or will be downsized or realigned, then we believe you will gain from attending this workshop.

As a result of attending, we are confident that you will be better prepared in the employment arena. This workshop is not a job fair. It is designed to give you job seeking skills or enhance your job seeking skills

Our objectives for conducting this workshop are:

  1. To help you submit or enhance your application for employment
  2. To help you enhance your resume
  3. To help you improve your interviewing skills
  4. To help your application and/or resume standout among hundreds
  5. Share common mistakes that prevent individuals from gaining employment or the job that they want
  6. To help the community by providing a service that we believe beneficial to their personal well being

If you plan on attending this event, please bring a printed copy of your resume. Also, please fill out
the information below and submit it. Look forward to seeing you.

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