About Us

OUR MISSION is to engage everyone that we can in conversation, in activity, in affiliation, in friendship, in relationship in a way that allows us to demonstrate our interest in their interest. And in doing so, we hope to share our desire to find fulfillment through the investigation of the wisdom of God. We hope to help all who seek the best for their lives to discover the Lord as the source of all beauty, the revealer of all truth and the origin of all love.

OUR FOCUS is on building new relationships and redefining old relationships in order to touch lives to the depth that they become spiritually healthy for both themselves and for others.

OUR GOAL is to form relationships that lead to a curiosity, a desire, an interest, in a class study, a worship atmosphere, a conversation to Christ, an addition to the Church, a strengthening of faith.

OUR CHALLENGE is not to succumb to frustration, fear, apathy, distraction or any device of Satan that saps our spirit, hardens our hearts, sears our soul or kills our kindness.

OUR AIM is to promote on-going personal transformation into the image of Christ based upon the unique and personal abilities and personalities that define us as individuals. Thus, we become one body; demonstrating a love for our fellow man and a reverence for the commands, statues, testimonials and principles of God.

OUR METHOD is a face to face, eye to eye, mouth to mouth, ear to ear, heart to heart, mind to mind, spirit to spirit, soul to soul attention to the messages sent by others to us and responding to those messages in a way that allows for the possibility a level of access, appreciation, acceptance and allegiance to Jesus as Lord.