Drink from the Well in 2012


Sermon Series: Drink from the Well in 2012

This year's theme represents an expression, in capsule form, of the need for all mankind to return to the source. Everyone alive has a thirst for something that will replenish the body, refine the mine, refresh the spirit, and revive the soul. The word of God, as recorded in the Holy Scriptures, provided us with just the "cup" we need to drink from the wisdom, the "well" of God. We will explore exhaustively, the deep cool waters from that well that can more than quince the burning thirst that threatens to kill our joy, drain our energy and trash our dreams. Living in a sin scorched, evil parched desert of iniquity demands more of us than we can supply on our own. But thanks to God, we have an oasis, his church, the keeper of the "well" to sustain us. He invites us all to come and drink.