Weekly Wisdom

Resources-2009These series of lessons are directed at an area that is often minimized or overlooked all together in many religious circles. Personal responsibility does not always resonate well with our concepts of the mercy and grace of God for sinful man.  Some would prefer to hide behind the sacrifice of the Lord on that cruel Roman cross as the panacea for our illness, the antidote for our poison, the magic bullet for our wickedness. And yes, it was and is all that; but the story does not end there.  We must love the Lord with all our heart, mind, soul and spirit if we expect to receive the benefits of all his grace. Few things worthwhile come easily. Few things of lasting value are the result of overnight success. Even the super stars of athletics and entertainment spend many grueling hours behind closed doors long before they could bask in the lime light of fame and fortune.  How much of yourself will you invest in a life that glorifies him, minimizes you and maximizes others? Life is about push and pull.

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Verse: Revelation 1:8
Jan 1, 2012 • Clyde Franklin Read

Verse: Isaiah 42:8
Jan 8, 2012 • Clyde Franklin Read

Verse: Mark 1:11-12
Jan 8, 2012 • Clyde Franklin Read

Verse: Acts 4:12
Jan 29, 2012 • Clyde Franklin Read

Verse: Hebrews 8:10
Feb 5, 2012 • Clyde Franklin Read

Verse: Proverbs 3:27
Feb 26, 2012 • Clyde Franklin Read